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Surface grinding machine E4
For the grinding, satin finishing, deburring and polishing of a great variety of parts; throughfeed finishing process with successive grinding/polishing operations of parts with flat sides

Conveyor Belt
It is manufactured with just one conveyor belt and with a second return conveyor belt, Model E4R, to finish a second side of the part or to return piece-holding fixtures to the loading point. Parts are processed as they move forward on the conveyor belt with adjustable speed and are held by pressure rollers.

Wroking Head
Universal type working head able to work with abrasive belt and polishing buffs indistinctly, with motorised hight adjustment. The buff holding spindle is fitted on the "pneumatic floating basculating arm", a very particular mechanism to AUTOPULIT, ensuring constant working pressure on the part. Up to 250 mm working width and 12 kW motor. In standard execution, this machine is manufactured from 1 to 8 working heads.

Complementary equipment
The machine may be prepared for dry or wet execution. The installation may be complemented with the following accessories:
- Support tables at the inlet and outlet of the machine
- Automatic loading and unloading
- Magnetic plates and demagnetising tunnels
- For deburring tasks, a planetary device may be installed to complete the work of the abrasive belt.

Metal plates, profiles, square or rectangular section tubes, tools, iron bases, door plates, locks, knives, laminated, calibrated, etc.

E4 Model
Throughfeed grinding machine with 5 working heads for flat parts, with return conveyor belt and rotary discs at either end of the machine to work with parts on fixtures (1 working head with flat pad).

E4 Model
Grinding, satin finishing and deburring machine for flat parts with 2 working heads with abrasive belt and 1 planetary head.

Machine Model SG-4D for simultaneously brushing 2 faces of aluminium profiles with 4 operations on each side


Manual Polishing Machines

AUTOPULIT has different alternatives of manual abrasive belt grinding and polishing machines with robust machines for continuous work.
The machines may have either 1 or 2 motors, different voltages, buff diameter between 100 and 1000 mm and capacity for up to 200 mm working width.

Complementary equipment
As complementary equipment, the manual polishing machines may be equipped with the following accessories:
- Backstands for abrasive belts
- Contact wheels of different hardness
- Protection hoods for polishing buffs or abrasive belts
- Wet dust extraction equipment.

Manual work of any kind of part.


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