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 Evergreen Punching Machines

The EVERGREEN S 80.2V3 is a fully automatic, electro-hydraulic cold tube mandrel bending machine equipped with innovative spring-back compensation technology and 3-axis CNC microprocessor control for simple and clear input of the bending data via monitor. This machine can process tubes up to OD 82 mm x 2.6 mm (wall thickness). With the patented MINIMESS measuring device, this machine automatically calculates and adjusts for tube spring-back during the first bending process and bends accurately the first time.

Modular Design
  • The bending machine can be expanded or equipped at any time with the fast S 48 mandrel bending head for tubes of D 2.5 - D 48.3 mm, or the ring bending device R 80 or R100 for automatic three-roller bending of tubes up to 89 x 4 mm or 101 x 4 mm.


Machine performance
Tube diameter x wall thickness at tensile strength: 45 kg/mm
82 x 2.6 mm
Max. resistance moment 12.7 cm³
Min. tube diameter 4.0 mm
Max. external bending radius 228 mm (option 330)
Max. mean bending radius with turning mechanism 228 mm
Min. internal bending radius
Min. bending radius 1.5 x D
34 mm  at shaft A
24 mm at shaft B
10 mm at shaft C
Max. bending angle (accuracy ± 0.1º) 195º
Bending speed
 Reverse motion (adjustable)
 Forward motion (adjustable in every bending program)
0 – 10 rpm
0 – 7.1 rpm
Bending direction right (left available on request)
Motor output 11 kW
Operating voltage 400 V. 50 Hz (3P + N + PE)
Control and measuring axes up to 3 axes

Hydraulic Feed with Plane Rotaion
Feed rate
(adjustable in every bending program)
0 – 60 m/min
Feed pressure force during bending Adjustable
Rotation speed
(adjustable in every bending program)
0 – 60 rpm
Max. rotation angle (accuracy ± 0.1 º) Unlimited
Tube clamping force 8 tons
Diameter bridging of a collet chuck 9 mm with C-chuck
6.5 mm with B-chuck
Bending length 3 – 6 m



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