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 Evergreen Punching Machines

The Classic Twin punches round tubes, as well as semi-oval tubes and rectangular tubes. Well suited for medium to large productions, the Classic Twin is equipped with two opposing heads that can work two pipes simultaneously. The machine can be fitted with a third vertical head which enables it to punch a rectangular tube on 3 or 4 sides. The Classic Twin is equipped with 20 tons of horizontal head power, adjustable stroke, a choice of three speeds (maximum speed: 200 ft./min.), a working accuracy of ± 0.2 mm from the first to last hole, and a quick set-up and changeover design. Optional: Loading/unloading storage-magazine.

Application Punches round, semi-oval and rectangular tubes
Dimensions 197 inches (length)
53 inches (width)
59 inches (height)
Weight 3300 lbs
Speed 200 feet/min.
Motor 5.5kW
Minimum and Maximum Dimensions of Tubes (in mm)
Rectangle Square Circle (diamter)
Max Min Max Min Max Min
120x80 20x15 80x80 15x15 90 15



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