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The Modular is a punching machine for tubes and metal profiles, with numerical control. This machine can be equipped with one to four hydraulic heads and punch holders, giving the Modular the capability to punch all four sides of a tube at the same time. Constructed of composite steel, the Modular can be furnished with a main feeder and an optional opposing feeder which enables the machine to punch all the way up to the ends of the tubes and bars. The Modular provides the user with high accuracy and great versatility.
Application Punches tubes and metal profiles
(Modular 3 head with feeders)
7300 mm (length)
1500 mm (width)
1600 mm (height)
Weight 1760 lbs. (3 head)
1705 lbs. (2 head)
1650 lbs. (1 head)
Motor 5.5kW
Maximum diameter hole size 30mm
Maximum carriage speed 300 mm/sec
Minimum and Maximum Dimensions of Tubes (in mm)
Type of Machine Rectangle Square Circle (diamter)
  Max Min Max Min Max Min
EVERGREEN Modular 1 80x20 20x15 70x70 15x15 70 15
EVERGREEN Modular 2 80x60 20x15 70x70 15x15 70 15
EVERGREEN Modular 3 80x60 20x15 60x60 15x15 70 15





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