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  824 Plus, WindowTouch, and OneTouch
Models can be integrated into an automatic robotic hardware insertion cell.

Experience Increased Flexibility
Combined with Unmatched Performance, Ease of Use, and Reliability

Total Quality Control Benefits:

  • No Missing Fasteners
  • No Fasteners in the Wrong Hole
  • No Fasteners Installed on the Wrong Side of the Part
  • No Scratches on Parts

Increase in Productivity Benefits:—see an increase from 50% to 200%:

  • Single Part Handling only
  • Consistent Speed with an Average of 1 Insertion every 5 Seconds

Decrease in Labor Requirements:

  • Minimal Set Up Time - 10 to 30 minutes - with use of exclusive off-line programming software
  • No Operator Intervention - 4 to 10 Hours with Lot Sizes 200-500 



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