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Laser Load/Unload Cell

 Fast, efficient, pneumatic LOAD UNLOAD SYSTEM automatically picks up a single sheet of material at a time, positions it correctly on the laser, then automatically stacks the cut sheets.

A load unit picks up an uncut sheet from the queue station and delivers it to the laser. However, the load and unload units travel together on the same monorail. More compact and efficient than separate carriers, this one-pass system shortens laser-idle time, plus minimizes adjustments and maintenance.

It is critical that the loader deliver only a single sheet to the laser. Mazak's system incorporates a magnetic fanner, a double-sheet separator, and a suction cup that pulls a corner of the top sheet away from a stack, and in addition, sensors confirm that only a single sheet has been selected. If the sensors detect a double thickness, they can stop the system and sound an alarm.

Once cutting is finished, closely spaced tines on 2" centers pick up cut sheets and carry them to the unload table. It handles any part geometry including small parts, any material thickness up to 3/4" and any material type, including non-ferrous - with no additional setup.



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