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Fab Shop Type A with OPTOPATH


Mazak Optonics Corporation’s advanced Fab Shop Type A and OPTOPATH system, increases capacity and productivity, while preventing cutting failures from occurring. Unsurpassed gains in productivity are achieved by running for extended periods of time in operator unattended mode. By reducing downtime and eliminating causes of cutting failure before they occur, the system reaches utilization capacities as high as 80 to 90 percent.

Operations performed automatically by Fab Shop Type A and OPTOPATH include advanced material handling and parts sorting systems, such as Material Stockers, Magnetic Sheet Separators, Scrap Conveyors, Finished Worksheet table, Vacuum Pick-up Pads, and Parts Sorting, the system reaches unheard-of production capacities.

Mazak Smart System
An integral part of the Fab Shop Type A and OPTOPATH System is Mazak’s Smart System software. This PC-based CAD/CAM system streamlines the entire process, dramatically reducing the time from order to production. Import a CAD file or quickly create one using the software features. Use it to optimize part nesting or to automatically program the OPTOPATH pick pads. Mazak Smart System software is loaded with features to make your job easier.

Mazak e-Soft
Mazak e-Soft is an exclusive software package that gathers, stores, and distributes vital information for factory staff and management to act on in real time. On the factory floor or in your remote “command center,” you maintain control over your laser processing with e-Soft. Its many functions maximize “green light” time, making your operations more productive and profitable!



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