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All monobloc frames of our machines are made from normalized nodular iron (Meehanite®) with 650N/mm2 of tensile strength.

From Foundry . . .

Machining technology such as:
CNC Centers for vertical and horizontal machining, with tables and automatic tool changers.

Monobloc-C Frame
. . . to machining on a CNC Center for vertical and horizontal machining of large structures

Products assembly and testing

We control our entire manufacturing process from foundry to final test. This allows us to deliver a high-quality product, which is extremely competitive both in capability and reliability, as well as price.

Our approach to frames:

Complete monoblock structure cast in normalized nodular iron (Meehanite®) with a tensile strength of  650N/mm2 for superior rigidity and dampening.

These large structures are then machined in a single set-up o­n large working- envelope CNC machinery centers, featuring pallet rotation and automatic tool change. This results in higher quality and lower cost – both benefiting you.

Last generation machining center
We use the latest generation machining centers with rotation multi-pallet systems and automatic tool

Our high output volume allows us to produce assemblies and components in large runs o­n continuously updated and replaced machining centers, further improving the economics of a EUROMAC machine.

EUROMAC machines production
Machining of not less than 50 units per run

The principles of state-of-the-art manufacturing are driving both our product design, as well as our own manufacturing operations. We also believe in producing a quality product in a quality environment.

Assembly line fot notching and bending machines
Assembly line for notching and bending machines

Assembly line for CNC punching presses
Assembly line for CNC punching presses

Well illuminated, clean, friendly assembly halls are just o­ne example of how we improve our high flow assembly lines.


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