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KASTO: Metal Cutting Circular Saws

Circular Saws for Cutting Steel of all Grades

Many of the KASTO Steel Cutting Circular Saws are equipped with magazines and sorting for maximum productivity. Our circular saws are also available in high-speed and Carbide versions

KASTOgripspeed C10

High-Performance Automatic Circular Saw

KASTOdisc A10

Fully Automatic Circular Saw

KASTOdisc M10

Manual Vertical Circular Saw

KASTO disc A10: Automatic Circular Saw
KASTO disc M10: 2 Speed Manual Cold Saw

KASTOdisc U 10

Semi-Automatic Vertical Circular Saw

KASTOdisc M6

Manual Metal Circular Saw

KASTOdisc M4

Manual Vertical Circular Saw
KASTO disc U10: Semi-Automatic Circular Saw
KASTO disc M6: Manual Vertical Cold Saw
KASTO disc M4: Manual Vertical Cold Saw


Universal Circular Saws

KASTOdisc M7

Manual Vertical Circular Saw

KASTOdisc U 7

Semi-Automatic Vertical Circular Saw
Universal Circular Saws
KASTO disc M7: Manual Vertical Circular Saw
KASTO disc U7: Semi-Automatic Circular Saw
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