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Whether you choose a EUROMAC fixed angle or   variable angle notcher, - the Attachment broadens the applications extending your notcher to many features ordinarily o­nly found o­n an ironworker. Therefore you can affordably acquire two machines in o­ne and save floor space o­n top of everything.

Technical description

  • The functionality of the fixed angle vary from the functionality of the variable angle machine. Please refer to the chart below to compare the features for each model.

  • A number of functions are available with the station located 180° from the notching station.

  • Rectangle slot punching with the rectangular cutting unit. With this device you can cut slots of 25 mm width up to 150 mm long.

  • Press brake adaptation for a maximum bend length of 415 mm in materials up to 5 mm thick. A welcome addition for small parts bending, freeing up your larger CNC press brakes from trivial tasks.

  • Punch hole patterns with the punch tool station. The adapts Trumpf® style tooling up to 50mm in diameter. This is a great addition to flexibly finish parts which require more than just notching.

  • Contour outside radii by processing your blanks through o­ne of six radius stations o­n the radiusing unit. Radii of 3 - 5 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 15 mm.

  • Table extensions allow you to precisely gauge even larger parts up to 1500 mm from the center tool line of the station.

  • For your safety the ram speeds reduces to a maximum of 10 mm/sec if the station is activated. Of course this maximum speed can be programmed between 0.1mm/sec and 10 mm/sec for your convenience and safety.

  • A heavy duty macrolon clear shield covers the station for your safety.

  • The large throat depth of 270 mm allows you to punch hole patterns into up to 540 mm wide materials by rotating them.

  • For more details, please see the table with technical data below.
FA - MULTI 200/6
VA - MULTI 220/6R
Variable Angle

Rectangular Cutting

Pressing up
20 Ton. (metric)

Technical Details
FA - MULTI 200/6
VA - MULTI 220/6R
Blade Length mm.
Blade Clearance Adjustment
Max. sheet thickness mm.:
R= 42 kg/ mm²
R= 60 kg/ mm²
Cutting angle
From 30° to 140°
Strokes per min.: with max. cutting length and at 50 mm. cutting length
Working table dimensions mm.
850 x 800
950 x 1.030
Working table height mm.
Overall machine dimensions mm. (L x W x H)
850 x 800 x 1.150
1.100 x 950 x 1.280
Weight kg.
Motor kW Hp
4 - 5,5
Oil tank capacity Lt.

 EUROMAC VA-MULTI 220/6 R Variable Angle MULTI Notcher 
VA - MULTI 220/6R
Variable Angle MULTI Notcher

 EUROMAC FA-MULTI 200/6 Fixed-Angle MULTI Notcher 
FA - MULTI 200/6
Fixed-Angle MULTI Notcher

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