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  • 3D IGES input
  • 3D laser processing of formed tubing or stamped parts
  • Program simulation
  • Nozzle interference check
  • Fixture nesting
  • 3D VDA-FS input
  • 3D Parasolid input
  • Fixture data creation & NC code generation

SPACECAM 3D CAM-PC based system will allow you to process more 3D parts by drastically reducing the typical preparation time needed to cut a part.

Program automatically from 3D CAD data.
You can import 3D IGES, parametric solid, and VDA-FS data and SPACECAM will process tool paths automatically or manually if desired.

Check for torch position and interference before cutting a part.
The built in interference check function will help you prevent collisions between the torch and the part before they happen. You can use the interactive display to modify the torch position at any point along the cut path.

Automatic fixture making from 3D data.
Eliminates the need for manual fixture design and construction. CAD data is automatically used to generate shapes of fixtures. Assembly fitting allowances of the fixture are also automatically set. You simply assemble the fixture parts on the table by matching the coordinates on the fixtures with the corresponding point on the base plate.

3D cutting simulation mode previews possible cutting errors.
Converts 3D part drawings into cutting programs for the SpaceGear


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