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Resonators: 1500W/2500W/4000W
Max. cutting thickness: 7/8" mild steel
Bed sizes: 4' x 8', 5' x 10', & 6' x 12'
Z-axis stroke: 16.5"
Features: Large capacity universal lasers for 2D, 3D plus tube, pipe and structural fabricating

There's simply no compromise when it comes to SPACEGEAR. Large capacities and your choice of laser resonators allow you to fit your fabrication needs perfectly. Shops that process 1/2" or thinner steel will benefit from low operating costs of a 1500W unit. At the other end of the scale, our robust 4000W laser tackles the heavy jobs with ease.

2-D mode is for flat sheet and plate up to 144" X 72" (6' x 12' model) and 7/8" thick. Rapid traverse rates of 945 ipm make for efficient and fast cutting.

3-D mode makes use of our compact cutting head with 360° rotation in the A-axis and 135° in the B-axis to maintain a normal cutting angle to all preformed sculptured surfaces. A non-contact profiler maintains a constant stand-off distance and eliminates marring of the part. SPACEGEAR can even design and build its own part locating fixtures for Done-in-One fast turnaround.

Tubes, pipes, and structural shapes
can all be processed by adding a CNC rotary chuck and supports for long workpieces. In all, six axes of continuous CNC control allow you to cut weld preps, angled features, and much more in a single setup. No three-axis laser can match this flexibility and throughput.



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