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Mazak’s Mazatrol PREview CNC drives the laser machine through powerful 64-bit processor technology and a unique, “look-ahead” capability. Many CNC controls simply execute one command at a time, causing excess heat build-up at corners and radii, rough directional transitions, and other quality issues. PREview reads ahead through several commands, predicting problem areas such as tight corners and intricate shapes, and adjusting the cutting parameters for each shape for top-quality cutting at the lowest possible cycle time.

• The Mazatrol PREview CNC is the first of its kind, developed specifically for high-speed laser cutting.

• Conventional CNCs simply react to commands as it reads them, meaning that higher speeds generally equate to lower accuracy. For laser processing, this approach also causes problems of accuracy of holes and round corners, too much concentration of heat in square corners, and burning of coated or galvanized steel, to name a few.

• Mazak has invented a software technology in PREview based on a new, read-ahead philosophy. This concept has been successfully integrated into the CNC that automatically calculates cutting speed and acceleration for every programmed contour, predicting the optimum speed and power to reach the next cutting shape. This next-generation control makes it possible to achieve ultra high speed with ultra-precision cutting and greatly reduce heat build up.

Currently available on the HyperGear, Hyper Turbo-X, the Super Turbo-X Mark II, the Super Turbo-X 44, and The Super Turbo-X Champion.


Intelligent control system for all-axes linear motors
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CPU 64 bit
Control Method Preview control (full-closed loop)
Controlled Axes Simultaneous 5-axis control
Minimum Program Unit 0.001 mm (0.0001")
Programming Method Marking code program system and EIA/ISO
Input Method MDI key input, pointing device
Keyboard and mouse (optional)
Memory Device Hard disk 20
GB Program memory capacity 10 GB
Network Port LAN port
Display 15" color LCD (TFT)



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