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Super Turbo X Mark II

Resonators: 2500W/4000W
Max. cutting thickness: .500"/.750"/1.00"
mild steel
Bed sizes: 4' x 8'/5' x 10'/6' x 12'
Features: Cuts wide range of materials and thicknesses at extremely high speed with wide range of automation

The MARK II laser series fabricates the widest range of materials with no torch change or manual adjustment, increasing productivity.

The MARK II laser cutting system includes engineering modifications designed to significantly increase sheetmetal cutting speeds. It also greatly reduces downtime for manual adjustments and maintains tight dimensional accuracy and consistent cut quality.

The 4000W MARK II fabricates at high speeds without sacrificing flexibility. Changing from one material or thickness to another is simple and automatic. No time-consuming torch changes or manual adjustments are required to change from the thinnest sheetmetal through .750" plate. This dramatically reduces your downtime. The MARK II is available with a wide range of material handling equipment including Mazak's Laser CMS, Laser FMS, Load/Unload Cell, Pallet Shuttle 




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