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  • 2D CAD function
  • 2D IGES input
  • 2D DXF input
  • 3D pipe design menus
  • 3D IGES input
  • Nesting Program simulation
  • 3D laser processing of tube or structural shapes for the rotary axis
  • Nozzle interference check
  • 3D Parasolid input

FG-CAD/CAM is a PC based system for tube & pipe processing will process the most complex pipe shapes in a fraction of the time traditionally used. 3D modeling enables you to produce tighter fitting, more accurate pipe joints.

Easy Data Input for Structural Steel and Pipe Contouring and Piercing
Nine standard pipe and structural steel cross sections are included in the program menu to match the part you are processing quickly and easily. Thirty cutting conditions are available for each application designated under a material type and thickness. Additionally, cutting strategy files can be accessed to allow for specialized piercing or cutting techniques to be automatically applied.
Shape materials automatically from imported data.
You can import IGES, DWG or DXF data and FG-CAD/CAM will create a 3D material shape from an arbitrary 2D shape.
Flexible application of cutouts and nesting function
FG-CAD/CAM allows the user the flexibility to apply any cutout onto the part utilizing full axis movement for beveled processing or as a cutout applied perpendicular to the surface of the part for 2D processing of the cut. The nesting function allows you to combine various parts together on a common stick length for continuous processing in a single NC program.

Check for torch position and interference before cutting a part.
The built in interference check function will help you prevent collisions between the torch and the part before they happen. You can use the interactive display to modify the torch position at any point along the cut path. Easy to use CAM functions include profiling On/Off, micro-joint addition, lead-in type change, and others.



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